What Caraderm Users Say

Seaweed Serum 100mlCaraderm Seaweed Skincare is widely used on a range of conditions, from people who use it as a natural skin moisturiser, for soothing eczema and psoriasis, through to use as a general skin serum, to nourish and replenish the skin. 
“My 30 year old son has to have O2 constantly and is not allowed petroleum based products. Due to the O2 his lips had dried up and Caraderm was most suitable and more gentle than any alternatives. Caraderm left his mouth and lips healed and moist.”
Maura O’Loan
“My daughter has suffered with eczema from only a few weeks old and I have tried a lot of creams from the doctor, but when I tried caraderm I couldn’t believe it, her skin is brillant now and I only have to apply caraderm a few times a week and not a few times a day like other creams and ointments. Definetly would recommend caraderm.”
Briege Crawford
“I bought this originally for psoriasis but now I use it like a body lotion on my legs. It leaves them super soft and lasts for ages. I love the fact it is all natural and Irish made. You can’t beat supporting local jobs!”
Sonia Bradley
 “I have been using it for a while it has helped my skin big time, I fell last Sunday and I put it on my wound, within 24 hrs it produced a skin to help heal the wound – was and is very deep, still using it, to heal wound, doctor was impressed yesterday!”
Hazel Russell
“An amazing product, cleared up my little girl’s skin condition ‘Mulluscum Contagiosum’ when the doctor said there was nothing they could do to help. A small patch of eczema then appeared on my little boy’s arm and it cleared it up after only a few days of applying the lotion. I am amazed more and more by this product. THANK YOU.”
Siobhan McFaul

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