Caraderm Featured In the Sunday Business Post

We were delighted last week to see our product range featured in the Sunday Business Post, one of Ireland’s leading newspapers.

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Overflowing with Natural Goodness

Caraderm Seaweed Skincare

Press Release 

A new range of Irish seaweed skincare is an everyday nourishing moisturiser and also offers help to many people with skin conditions.

Caraderm Seaweed Skincare is overflowing with natural minerals and vitamins from the sea and its unique range of products leave the skin silky smooth and soft to touch.

The 100% natural range includes Seaweed Serum, Seaweed Shaving Foam, Post Shave Seaweed Gel, Gentle Seaweed Shampoo & Body Wash and Dry Scalp Foam Conditioner.

Active ingredients include calming and energising peptides, the antioxidant taurine, arginine for redness prevention and marine polysaccharides with antimicrobial properties.

It has amazing skin regenerating and calming properties that are beneficial for problematic, dry, or sensitive skin. It helps calm the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and acne but is also beneficial for lesser known skin ailments such as rosacea and Molluscum Contagiosum.

This time last year Caraderm founder Liam McBride was preparing for what turned out to be a profitable appearance on RTE’s Dragon’s Den to pitch his seaweed skincare products to potential investors.

One year on he has established his range of Caraderm Seaweed Skincare branded products that have become more and more commonplace in pharmacies throughout Ireland.

Liam explains: “Caraderm is a natural skincare treatment made from native Irish Seaweed. It is made from Carrageen ‘Irish’ Moss which is a traditional and ancient Irish cure with mythical healing properties.”

He added: “The recipe was passed on through our family. Caraderm captures the goodness of the sea in our traditional recipe. The response from people using it is very positive for a wide range of skin types right through to skin ailments and conditions.”

The response from customers has endorsed the skincare benefits of Caraderm. Parent Briege Crawford used Caraderm for her young daughter’s skin: “My daughter has suffered with eczema from only a few weeks old and I have tried a lot of creams from the doctor, but when I tried Caraderm I couldn’t believe it, her skin is brilliant now and I only have to apply Caraderm a few times a week and not a few times a day like other creams and ointments.”

Customer Sonia Bradley used Caraderm as an all purpose nourishment for her skin:  “I bought this originally for psoriasis but now I use it like a body lotion on my legs. It leaves them super soft and lasts for ages. I love the fact it is all natural and Irish made. You can’t beat supporting local jobs!”

The tradition of using Irish moss for skin improvements is well documented. It is one of Ireland’s best kept natural secrets.


For interviews, samples and further information contact:

Joe Passmore on +447725552540

Or, Liam McBride on +44 2820 761132

Notes to Editors:

Caraderm is available through Pharmacies in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Also, available online:


Caraderm Seaweed Skincare | Ballycastle | Co. Antrim | BT54 6BT


What Caraderm Users Say

Seaweed Serum 100mlCaraderm Seaweed Skincare is widely used on a range of conditions, from people who use it as a natural skin moisturiser, for soothing eczema and psoriasis, through to use as a general skin serum, to nourish and replenish the skin. 
“My 30 year old son has to have O2 constantly and is not allowed petroleum based products. Due to the O2 his lips had dried up and Caraderm was most suitable and more gentle than any alternatives. Caraderm left his mouth and lips healed and moist.”
Maura O’Loan
“My daughter has suffered with eczema from only a few weeks old and I have tried a lot of creams from the doctor, but when I tried caraderm I couldn’t believe it, her skin is brillant now and I only have to apply caraderm a few times a week and not a few times a day like other creams and ointments. Definetly would recommend caraderm.”
Briege Crawford
“I bought this originally for psoriasis but now I use it like a body lotion on my legs. It leaves them super soft and lasts for ages. I love the fact it is all natural and Irish made. You can’t beat supporting local jobs!”
Sonia Bradley
 “I have been using it for a while it has helped my skin big time, I fell last Sunday and I put it on my wound, within 24 hrs it produced a skin to help heal the wound – was and is very deep, still using it, to heal wound, doctor was impressed yesterday!”
Hazel Russell
“An amazing product, cleared up my little girl’s skin condition ‘Mulluscum Contagiosum’ when the doctor said there was nothing they could do to help. A small patch of eczema then appeared on my little boy’s arm and it cleared it up after only a few days of applying the lotion. I am amazed more and more by this product. THANK YOU.”
Siobhan McFaul

CaraDerm SkinCare InnovateUs Winning Project

Screenshot 2015-03-13 12.30.05Emma Rankin a HND Beauty Sciences student at Belfast Metropolitan College won an Innovatus Prize for her study on the effectiveness of Caraderm SkinCare in helping to soothe conditions including eczema and psoriasis.

Introduction: CaraDerm , a micro business from Ballycastle, Co. Antrim has one product – a clear, easily absorbed lotion containing extracted carrageen moss seaweed. The seaweed is harvested locally and processed by the proprietor. The healing benefits of seaweed are abundant and used topically caraDerm may help soothe skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes and sunburns.

Challenge: The proprietor has plenty of anecdotal evidence and testimonials that the cream soothes the conditions detailed above, but he is keen to gather an evidence base to support this. Under the InnovateUs programme

Project: Under the InnovateUs initiative a student of HND Beauty Therapy, Emma Rankin, met with the proprietor and together they devised a project to allow data to be collected on the effectiveness of his product.

Delivery: Twelve participants suffering from either eczema or psoriasis were recruited for the study. They varied both in age and gender and would therefore be considered representative of the population. Prior to commencement of the study participants were required to complete a patch test to ensure that the product would not induce an allergic reaction. Participants were asked to apply the CaraDerm product twice daily to the affected area over a period twelve weeks. Photographs of the affected areas were taken at the commencement of the study.

Further photographs were taken at the end of weeks 4, 8 and 12 to assess the soothing properties of the product. The participants have completed baseline questionnaires designed to establish their opinion of the product and also their stress levels. They were also asked to complete a final questionnaire at the end of the trial. This questionnaire considered current stress levels, effects on symptoms, product ‘look and feel’, and whether the product would be considered ‘value for money’.

Result: The results of the trial demonstrated that the product was indeed effective in soothing skin conditions associated with both eczema and psoriasis. Emma presented the project at the 2013 BEST Awards in Armagh City Hotel and was awarded the prestigious Cogent Life Science Prize.

The Story of Caraderm Skincare

Carrageen Moss SeaweedAmong the coastal communities of Ireland the health and nutritional properties of seaweed are well known. For Liam McBride, growing up in Ballycastle with its famous dulse and yellow man on the North Coast was a way of life made famous at the Oul Lammas Fair.

Seaweed – A Natural Skincare Remedy

With over 500 types of Seaweed growing around the Irish coast it is a plentiful if underused resource. Having had a lifetime interest in seaweed of his native coastline, it was a chance conversation with a friend of his mother’s that set him on a course that would lead to establishing a successful business making a natural seaweed skincare lotion culminating in a successful appearance on RTE’s Dragon’s Den and a listing with one of Ireland’s largest pharmaceutical distributors.

As Liam explains it is a mixture of good fortune and hard work that has brought him to the stage he is at now, where he is planning to launch a series of products under the Caraderm brand which he successfully pitched to Dragon Peter Casey earlier this year.

“Caraderm is manufactured from the Carrageen Moss that we harvest around the north Antrim coast. It is a 100% natural product that grows in the fresh seawater. We collect it at low tide. I was brought up knowing that you could eat seaweed and the older folks made a drink out of the carrageen and of course at the Oul Lammas fair in Ballycastle people eat Dulse and yellow man.”

“Whilst people know that seaweed is edible they don’t know the actual health benefits. A friend of my mother’s explained to me that it was good to boil up the carrageen and drink it to clear your chest. She also mentioned in passing that it was great for the skin and could help with easing eczema and psoriasis.

That conversation gave Liam the idea to pursue the possibility of developing a skincare treatment from the abundant locally growing carrageen.

Working With Invest NI

“I went to Invest Northern Ireland with my idea which was to develop a commercial product that would work as a general skin lotion to ease rashes, burns and irritation and redness caused by the likes of eczema and psoriasis. I had evidence that it worked from trialling the early version of the product with local people in the area. They knew about carrageen and seaweed and were very interested in trying it out. But there is a whole population out there that knows nothing of the health benefits of a seaweed regime. One of our aims is to spread the news about this wonderful natural product.”

Carrageen Moss Seaweed

There are a number of manufacturers of seaweed based products in Ireland, Liam is full of praise for them. ‘Like myself they are believers in the benefits of seaweed and many of them are making high end cosmetic products. Our target market is slightly different in that we’re targeting a daily skincare product that is multifunctional for all sorts of skin ailments. The response so far has been very encouraging.” And on the back of his success Liam has a further range of products in the pipeline.

“The Invest NI people helped put me in touch with cosmetic technologist Barbara Olioso who helped develop my idea into a sustainable product with a proper shelf life. With the addition of a few additional natural extracts we have a 100% natural product that is odourless, tasteless and which works on all sorts of skin irritations. We have people telling us they have used it after waxing their legs, after shaving, for treating burns and scalps, chapped skin. Shortly after it was launched it was stocked by a series of the larger independent pharmacy groups in the North. That was followed by a listing by United Drug Sangers and in late 2013 by United’s subsidiary Pemberton.

Treating Eczema

The reason for its enduring appeal is the fact that it worked. Caraderm has received positive feedback since its launch. Liam explained:

“We knew that it worked for the likes of eczema because I trialled it with people in and around Ballycastle. Out of the blue a woman on Rathlin Island contacted me to tell me that her daughter had suffered from Molluscum. It is a disfiguring skin condition which is hard to treat. Over a period of a month or so, regular application of Caraderm produced a noticeable improvement in the condition. I visit Rathlin frequently and I was able to see with my own eyes the effect of the Caraderm. The mother had taken before and after images and the difference was astonishing.

Carrageen Moss Seaweed

Dragon’s Den

Having had a reasonable degree of success Liam decided to pitch his fledgling business on the Dragon’s Den. Straight away the product caught the imagination of Dragon Peter Casey’s who’s late mother had a great fondness for Carrageen. He was also impressed with Liam’s business acumen and his successes in developing the product and getting it to market.

Says Peter: “Straightaway I could see the potential in the business. Here we had a marvellous and abundant naturally occurring product. Liam was passionate about the business and he had shown tremendous initiative to get it to the stage it was at, listed by various pharmaceutical retail groups. Then there was the personal element as my mother had always proclaimed the benefits of carrageen to us all. It was the sort of opportunity of a lifetime. Straight away Liam and I hit it off.”

Now stocked by pharmacies across Ireland and the UK and with a series of meetings under way to target new customers, Liam McBride and Caraderm is making a success story out of one of Ireland’s richest natural products. Liam has the final word””If anyone wants to see the benefits of Caraderm my advice is simple. Just try it.”

New Seaweed Skincare Range Launched

New Seaweed Skincare Range Launched

Our new range of seaweed skincare products has been launched and we are delighted with the response we are getting.

The new range featured at a major selling event with the Day Lewis Pharmacy chain in England. Day Lewis will be carrying our stock from early in the new year. We have also received positive feedback from a number of media outlets including The Sunday Girl.

The new product range icludes:

  • Seaweed Serum (50 and 100ml)
  • Shaving Foam (150ml)
  • Post Shave Seaweed Gel (100ml)
  • Gentle Seaweed Shampoo and Body Wash (250ml)
  • Seaweed Dry Scalp Foam Conditioner (200ml)

Retail prices from £6.50 to £10.99.

What is Caraderm?

A skin therapy range made from naturally growing Carrageen Irish moss, hand harvested from fresh and clean Irish seawater off the scenic North Antrim Coast.

Caraderm Carageenan extract is made to a traditional recipe that has been used to sooth and calm the skin for generations. The whole range is formulated with the sensitive skin needs in mind using mild and natural ingredients that respect the skin pH and physiology.

When to Use Caraderm

Suitable for damaged and inflamed skin it helps calm the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and other conditions including acne leaving the skin silky soft and non greasy.

Dublin By Night

Cosmetic Association Trade Fair Dublin

Caraderm will feature at the annual Cosmetic Association Annual Trade Fair in Dublin this week.

The Cosmetic Association Annual Trade Fair has been showing in Main Hall RDS after a move from The Burlington Hotel some years ago. This is the largest trade event for the Pharmacy sector, and also encompasses Gift, and Beauty sectors.
The Trade Fair is the opportunity for Buyers to purchase from Irish indigenous companies, who service these sectors regularly.
TCA Trade Fair offers a selection of products including cosmetics, perfumes, jewelery, gift wrap, pharmacy technical equipment, IT services and much more.

Date: Sunday May 18, 2014 – Tuesday May 20, 2014

Venue: Hall 1

Opening Hours:
18th May: 10am – 6pm
19th May: 9am – 8pm
20th May: 9am – 7pm

Trade only

Event Website:

Caraderm is currently being distributed by Pemberton/United Drug in the Republic of Ireland.

Caraderm Seaweed Skincare. Soothes, Calms & Comforts Your Skin.
Caraderm Seaweed Skincare. 18 Bayview Road, Ballycastle, Co.Antrim BT54 6BT. Tel: +44 2820 761132